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Darin Baker is a rebirth from a different era, when lead singers gave you everything they had in a real live show. Audiences light up with his star appeal and unique vocal talent. Inspired by performers like James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson, Steven Tyler, and a host of other male power houses, Darin is the epitome of a "rock star."

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to a gospel musical family, Darin began playing, singing, and dancing at age four. He has gone through many musical evolutions as a producer, rapper, and choreographer. However, he has recently settled in as a stage singer and entertainer. Hence, he met and teamed up with INUENDO. As the front man for the funk/rock assault, he sings, croons, screams, laughs, dances, and makes all the ladies want to frame their ticket stubs. A must-see performer, Darin has all the makings of your favorite singer-guy

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