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A Genius mix of funk, rock, pop, and compassion! Get your blood flowing and your feet moving to the addictive funky rhythms of Inuendo. The music is great to dance to but also has beautiful lyrics of compassion and concern about humanity. A spectacular and ingenious mix of rhythm, melody, and thought! This is a great review by a fan name Vince on CDBABY.

Ruben McCain, Leonard Bates and Erick Burdette formed a power house hard rock trio and started performing the Los Angeles music scene. Through the years INUENDO has undergone numerous changes, from Hard Rock, Funk, and Jazz to band members and has performed with musical legends like Larry Nash. Today INUENDO’s energy come from Ruben McCain, Grant Hambleton, Darin Baker, and Erick Burdette, and has fused Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop and House to produce a unique musical experience.